You have to wonder who thought up the idea of attempting an 8-second ride on a ill-tempered bull or a bucking bronco that could pitch you head first to the ground and stomp on you, and that, all in the name of entertainment!  But, bare in mind, I paid money for the privilege to watch and I was thoroughly entertained!  You have to give credit to the Rodeo Clown team for their efforts to distract the animals and thereby protect the fallen riders.  
The Senior Pro Rodeo participants are 40 years old or older, and as the announcer pointed out the largest demographic represented here was somewhere in their 60's.  Note:  While there were numerous ambulances on site, no one left in one with sirens blaring!  These are some tough people.
I think the ladies have it right!  Barrel racing - plenty challenging and not without its risks.  These women have a kinship with their mounts evident by the gentle pats and the encouraging words they offer their trusty steads.
Calf roping seems like a usable skill.  Steer wrestling - not so much!  Watch out for those horns!!
We spent a great afternoon enjoying the various events on the schedule, appreciating the powerful animals and their handlers.  I noted that this event attracted young and old in equal measure and still holds enough allure to attract a crowd. 

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