Frost, snowflakes and ice crystals are one of the most beautiful aspects of winter in Alberta.  
This year I made my first attempts at creating frozen soap bubbles.  This operation works best with refrigerated solution, a cold surface to accept the bubble, about -10C outdoor temperature, no wind and a supreme amount of patience and determination!  It was a memorable experiment!  
I also observed that freshly fallen snow flakes have a more individual aspect than what we see when we go out later to inspect the collected snow where all the flakes have merged together.  
And hoar frost, I learned, can form more prominently on one side of branch I'm guessing, due to the gentle movement of air currents while the crystals form.  
These are all things I've never taken the time to note in the past, but now with nowhere much to go under health restrictions I have nothing but time to experience these wonders.  

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